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Creative Services 
Our Creative team is passionate about what we do and we know that design is the face of your brand. Recon has the professional experience, skills and resources to drive your brand and help you grow. We help tell your story, whether you’re launching a new initiative or growing an established brand. Our diverse team brings individual strengths and vast knowledge in numerous areas, Working through a streamlined process with tailored solutions and swift execution.
Tradeshow & Fixtures
Custom Trade Show Displays & Fixtures Designed for Your Space Without Hassle
Trade Show Booths that make a statement: In today's competitive business environment, most companies are having to stretch their marketing dollars further than ever. Nowhere is this challenge more true than in the trade show arena. Our design team is equipped to create the type of trade show booth that catches attention and draws customers into your space. Leverage our expertise to design the perfect trade show display or booth layout that allows you to display your products in a way that maximizes their potential. 
Yamaha Tradeshow Booth
Tradeshow Booths and Fixtures
Having a talented design team in your corner is crucial.
Here's why: We stand by your brand
Our designers will take the time to know your brand and its guidelines, making sure the products we produce will be consistent with your identity.  When you need custom design work for a promotional or apparel piece, your company's creative team is often too busy or maybe your company doesn't have a creative team at all. Turn your ideas into reality by letting our team make your concept a reality.
Creative Design Services
Conceptualization & Design
In-house design services means that you won't have to seek out a graphic artist to convert your ideas into artwork. Our design team can pre-flight your design and offer helpful suggestions to make your marketing piece eye-catching, up to date, and get the response you are looking for.
Creative Design Orange County, CA
Photography Services
Recon has always prioritized the needs of its clients. In keeping with our mantra “One Company, Endless Solutions,” The Recon GRP is now offering Photography services. These services include product photography, lifestyle/event photography, and studio photography. For basic pricing and more information contact your Recon Sales Representative or email
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