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Distribution and Fulfillment

We manage the entire supply chain, from sourcing to warehousing to global fulfillment, ensuring your products arrive when and where they are expected, ensuring customer satisfaction. 
We have a global network of distribution centers in North America, EMEA & APAC to provide accurate and reliable turnkey services for our clients' marketing needs worldwide.
Inventory Management

With our state of the art Warehouse Management System your entire inventory is accurately stored and tracked. Our platform allows our customers access to real time data on all inventory, orders and shipments from anywhere in the world.

Inventory Management

You can optimize your inventory levels by tracking your current and historical orders all in one place. These insights help you streamline your operations, improve efficiency, reduce lead times, and increase inventory turnover. Avoid over or under stocking products by monitoring trends more closely.

Order Fulfillment
Distribute and Ship

With our Warehouse Management System you can combine all of your order channels into one centralized location. Whether the orders are made via email, telephone, through your own online page, or within the Recon Platform, they can easily be tracked and managed in one place.

WMS Software

When you partner with Recon, you are partnering with a company focused on providing fulfillment and distribution programs that exceed industry norms and client expectations. Our fulfillment team is experienced in providing unique and customized solutions that address our client's specific needs. From our customized on-line programs, to our near 100% order picking accuracy, the group at Recon is focused on demonstrating excellence at every step of the process.

Kit Assembly

We can source, build, and ship all types of customized kits that include items such as P.O.P. Displays, premium items, literature, benefits packages and direct marketing kits.

Pack Outs and Kitting
Pack Outs and Kitting
Pack Outs and Kitting

Recon’s extensive list of time-sensitive projects include an amazing array of kitting jobs from local store openings to major product roll outs to, well, just about any kind of promotion imaginable. From simple kit-packing to complex multi-version projects, Recon can establish the most efficient and cost effective process possible to ensure each kit is packed and shipped correctly.

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