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The first Asics Gel-Nimbus was released back in 1999. Through the years many changes were made, from new technology to the overall appearance. This year Asics released its Gel-Nimbus 20. The Recon GRP. had the opportunity to create a launch kit that celebrated 20 years of innovation along with the launch of the 20th shoe. This is what we created.

The launch kits went along with the “I Move Me” campaign that Asics recently launched. This campaign states, “We urge you, encourage you, push you to move. Because, the way you move shows the world who you are. Whatever your moves may sound like, look like, or be—they’re meant to be seen.” A Yeti bottle, Garmin watch, and a cooling towel were chosen as the items in the launch kit to reflect that campaign. These items are universal and appeal to people in all walks of life.

A pull out accordion was built into the side of the launch kit to highlight the innovation of the Gel-Nimbus in the past 20 years. The accordion starts at the beginning where it explains why the Gel-Nimbus was created. Each panel showcases the shoe as it progresses every five years.

This project spanned the course of three months from initial concepts to kitting and shipping. This was an exciting project for Recon because we were able to showcase our many services: the initial concept development, production of the kits, and lastly the kitting. Be on the look out for more exciting projects like this as we enter 2018!

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