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Now Landing: The Future of Branding. Eliminating pain-points as we help tell YOUR story

Technology, Technology, Technology. We want it and we know it; we use it and we love it – but technology harnessed to deliver efficient processes in one consolidated branding arena can seem a little far-fetched for these two “polar opposites” to exist effectively together. Think about it. Companies have a “printer guy”, creative design firm, trade show/event vendor, promotional item/collateral vendor, apparel embellishment vendor, a warehouse/distribution vendor, and then a decently-reflective online storefront for the company’s internal use (created by an outside vendor?). So much time, so many different vendors, so much difficulty maintaining brand consistency, different locations, little control, and…STOP! Pass the Aspirin and move on!

The Recon Group has found the perfect, balanced solution to the major (and minor!) pain-points that companies face. The answer is simple: RAP – Recon Advantage Platform. Recon’s proprietary technology platform (yes, we built from scratch and continue to develop in-house) works seamlessly with all our in-house offerings to provide our clients with every necessary tool from start-to-finish. The in-house, under one-roof consolidation for all branded materials being fueled by our technology is a major stress-reliever but it’s just the “tip of the iceberg” (which is pretty cool).

In addition to providing a clean, easy-to-use E-Commerce platform with unique URL, login page, and hi-res photos of all product images – the RAP (Recon Advantage Platform) allows corporate controls and functionality that is unparalleled and completely revolutionizing the industry. From budget restrictions, user permissions, “corporate approvals” required on selected purchases, before-print customization with branded templates, and real-time inventory displays – the front-end experience for each user, athlete, rep, agent, employee, executive is remarkably effortless.

Furthermore, RAP’s back-end reporting features provide corporate decision-makers with the data analytics needed to show purchasing trends, forecasting for the next monthly/quarterly period, and demographical intel required to eliminate waste, stay within budget, and to continue appropriate support of the brand’s directives moving forward. The Recon Advantage Platform is much more than a 3rd party store-front. RAP is an incredibly sharp tool that will not only fix the broken internal processes but will lay the proper foundation for companies to grow in tangible ways. It’s the future and it’s all under one roof. We got you covered.

The Recon Group: One Company, Endless Solutions ///

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