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Properly Packaging Products

We live in a world with unlimited marketing advertisements clawing for our attention ALL THE TIME. We can’t help it and we know these ads aren’t leaving any time soon. Baited billboards and marketing strategies all attempt to get us on the hook; uniquely forcing the beholder to decide whether to “catch it” or “release it”. Most companies know that if there’s no initial appeal – consumers will move on to the next alternative choice and leave “Mr. Marketing Fisherman” constantly wondering if he’s using the right bait.

We have heard the principle, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I disagree. Judge, Judge, Judge!

Consumers make judgment calls all the time and it’s no news to them! Which toothpaste to buy, what gas station to fill up at (do they have a car wash, accept credit cards, and carry my favorite energy drink?), Rite Aid vs. CVS, which pair of jeans, who’s the lesser of 2 evils, who’s the greatest of “too goods”, and on and on it goes. These (now routine life decisions) were originally conceived by much smaller judgment calls of (fill-in-the-blank’s) offerings. If it’s appealing – it’s pursued. Convenience, customer service, price, quality, familial referrals, and locations all play their part in dictating our purchasing decisions in judging “the covers” in each of our lives.

We have heard the principle, “Don’t judge a

book by its cover”. I disagree. Judge, Judge,


Companies NEED to understand that this is how consumers will be approaching their brand too. They must be taking the appropriate steps to ensure that potential clients are looking upon their offerings with favorable excitement. Sometimes you only get a few seconds to impress your next client. If your company is struggling and isn't standing out from the rest, something needs to change.

In our line of business, one of the best ways our clients stand out from competition is with the way their products and marketing kits are packaged. Their packaging tells a story. It’s on-point with who they are and gives the receiver/buyer something to look forward to before they even get to the promotional products inside (by the way, do promo products work?)

Promoting one’s brand with creative designs, materials, and “out of the box” thinking is a crucial step of the process that proves to be a gateway to tangible relationships and substantial customer engagement. With so many competitors vying for your shelf space – the “book cover” must set you apart from the rest, attract consumers at the first interaction to select YOU, and provide a stage to speak to the stronger fundamentals pertaining to your internal offerings.

Standing out is what’s it’s all about. I once heard of a question on a college-application for a large university - in which the applying students were asked to define the word “boldness”. The student that stood out from all the other applicants and received the admission? The one who left the essay completely blank. This student certainly lived up to the definition of boldness in the eyes of the admissions department. I like that. Unique. Not afraid to push the envelope for fear of rejection. Staying true to themselves regardless of the outcome.

Standing out is what’s it’s all about.

When your company has something special to offer with the story it’s telling – it is so important to properly package yourself and put your best “cover” forward. Product packaging, promo swag bags, launch/media kits, sponsorship VIP gifts, and product displays are all perfect examples of ways that companies can further engage their consumers/prospects to evoke positive feelings and satisfaction towards their brand.

A few tips for this process:

  • Launch kits need to take the receiver “out of this world” (make it memorable)

  • Identify your target audience and create a distribution list

  • Set a budget (with so many awesome possibilities – it’s best to first decide what you want to spend!)

  • Determine items/merchandise/swag to include in the kit

  • Create Designs/Concepts around specific messaging for the package/kit (we love this stage!)

  • Don’t overthink it (gifts-give-themselves – follow the above tips and then trust the process)

One final word: MOMENTUM

Prospect engagement, client retention, and repeat-customer satisfaction is all about creating and continuing MOMENTUM. It’s crucial that companies align themselves with forward-thinkers and continue to steam-roll through the challenges and roadblocks that present themselves along the way. Launch kits, VIP gifts, and premium product packaging (say that 3 times fast and out loud!) are all incredible ways to guarantee strong MOMENTUM within your business and with those you reach out to.

Prospect engagement, client retention, and

repeat-customer satisfaction is all about

creating and continuing MOMENTUM.

If you or your company is looking to add high-level MOMENTUM with your branding by creating captivating "covers" that stand out from the rest of the competition - talk to our team here at RECON. We are blessed to be able to work with big-name clients that partner with us to provide turn-key solutions for the entirety of their branding and we’d love to cultivate and expand your branding dreams too. Hopefully this “covers” enough for you to open up to our first page ///

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