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The Art of Selling: Morsel #1 – “Shut Up and Dance with Me”

Chew on this:

We’ve all heard the popular song lyrics, “Shut up and Dance with Me”. Catchy song? Let’s debate that another time. But what can we learn from the lyricist in these 6 (somewhat intrusive) words?

I spot 3 subliminal messages that shed light on the “art of selling”.

1) Listening

2) Doing

3) Being


I was once told the best advise for modern salespeople (and to quote the song) is to quite simply, “Shut Up”. We sales-folk can speak far too much and listen far too little in order to appropriately ascertain the particular needs of the fellow-humans we do business with. It becomes increasingly easy to lose out on opportunities when we are focused more the assumptions we think customers need to hear vs. what they actually need us to hear.

“Listening is HUGE!” - Dumbo the Elephant? Be prepared for your client meetings by bringing specific questions that will encourage you to actively listen to your customer’s needs. With this information, you can accurately use the knowledge to couple your offerings for a mutually profitable, win-win solution. “Don’t judge a person by the answers they give but by the questions they ask.” Be the guy/gal that asks great questions; it will go a very long way in the relationship’s sustainability moving forward!


The next stand-out in these lyrics is the simple request to “dance”! Don’t miss that - THE REQUEST! When a client or potential prospect asks for an estimate on scope of job, clarification on project specifications, or even to “jump on a quick call” - do your very best to “get on the dance floor” as quickly as possible and fulfill the need. Quick response times and being available to satisfy requests is a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace today. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to respond quickly to your clients and to show off your moves!


The last observation are the words: “with me” in the closing line of the lyrics. Successful salespeople always desire to be an extension and positive representation of their client’s business; always seeking new and innovative ways to elevate their client’s needs above their own. Smart sales-peeps realize the importance in coming alongside their clients to better understand marketing initiatives, brand launches, risks, decisions, and pursuits. Be smart: See the monetary advantage in clients BUT be guided by the health for the relationship as you seek to partner and establish positive outcomes for your client’s successes. Remember: You look better when your client looks best. It’s all about longevity!


One of the best ways to build lasting relationships with your clients is through gifts and branded merchandise. We have a huge selection of swag for your company to choose from in hopes to make you stand out and make lasting impressions with your clientele. We want to help you tell your story more effectively and break a leg (on the dance floor) with every contact you make.

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Got helpful sales tips? Post your gems of knowledge in the comments below. “As iron sharpens iron, so we also sharpen each other.”

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